Ah love! could thou and I with fate conspire.
René Bull, from Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, rendered into English by Edward FitzGerald, London, 1913.
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Ah love! could thou and I with fate conspire.

René Bull, from Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, rendered into English by Edward FitzGerald, London, 1913.

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Anonymous asked:
who would you recommend as a coach for elena and ruslan? i see you aren't a fan of kustarova (or maybe yes), maybe shpilband would be a good a idea.

I don’t think Kustarova is 100% a disaster - she’s very good at putting new teams together and bringing them on as a development coach. She’s produced 3 Junior World Champions in the last 7 years and 2 other teams who medalled at that level, so from that perspective it’s a good choice, because Elena & Ruslan will need someone who can create a team, not just polish what someone else has already put together. She’s a decent enough technical coach as well, although her skaters often have posture issues because she for some foolish reason tells them to pitch forward to build up speed, and then the core goes to buggery and it drives me mad. Her major flaw is that her choreography and packaging of her skaters tends to be dated and messy like this for the Latin SD, or all these ruffles which just swamp the skaters, and don’t even talk to me about the Casta Diva music she used for S/Z this year. On the flip side, she isn’t precious like Morozov is about not letting her skaters use other choreographers - I think Averbukh worked on S/Z’s programs this year, and she’s done stuff with Tatiana Druchinina in the past. Sometimes her team has come up with great programs: Sailor OD, Ukrainian OD, Chess SD - generally if they can keep away from super angsty programs and Elena keeps control of her costuming so she doesn’t end up in some 90s level flappy monstrosity I think they’ll be OK. I’ve love them to do something like a really classic waltz this year, leaving the storytelling to one side and instead just focusing on showing great skating & dancing skills to build up their reputation.

Other coaching options - I don’t want them to stay with Kustarova forever, but realistically the Fed is never going to send them to a non-russian coach so my dream of Zazoui & Haguenauer will never be realised (I’d send everyone to Zazoui though). Shpilband for technical camps maybe, but I have not enjoyed any of the programs his teams have done since he left Zoueva, they are clichéd, lazy and skated to the most overused music and I don’t have a desire to see Elena doing any of Les Mis, James Bond or Carmen. Perhaps with Bourzat joining his team he’ll get a little more exciting. Krylova does some stuff I love, and some stuff I hate (W/P’s Je Suis Malade still sends me into a rage blackout) but she already has a lot of teams. Svinin and Zhuk have been doing some cool stuff with Stepanova/Bukin, and Kim/Minov’s insane Sheherazade, so maybe they would be good to bring out Ruslan’s inner rockstar, but I think my number one choice would be Platov. He’s done a huge amount with the Kerrs and Coomes/Buckland, considering that neither of them are the most naturally talented teams, and his technical base is so strong, so I think he could really make stars out of a team with great basics like Elena & Ruslan have. (His major flaw seems to be teaching twizzles, but I don’t think they are a problem for Elena or Ruslan). The other big plus is that (as Penny explains in our amazing interview here go and watch it) he lets his skaters put a lot into working out their programs, so they end up not just skating to the things from best of Now! That’s What I Call Ice Dance CD & developing their own style - K/K look nothing like C/B who look nothing like Smart/Buckland, where as with other coaches, you can tell it’s a Zoueva or Kustarova or whoever team. So yeah. A year with Kustarova to gel, and then send them to Platov please.

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I'm sorry you probably didn't want this muchlong postice danceThis just made me miss the ODBRING BACK FOLK DANCESan anonymouse
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Feliz Cumpleaños Javi!

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Anonymous asked:
but how do you know it's all nikita's fault? i'm sure elena had a part in it too (and morozov is a given)


paging ach-nein

#elenaandruslandefencesquad incoming.

The question isn’t whose fault the split is, everyone is allowed to change partners if they want to, no one should be forced to skate together if the situation is untenable, and sometimes people just can’t work together. I can roll with that. Howeverrrrr, I am going to judge the fuck out of someone who:

1. Arranges try-outs behind his partner’s & the federation’s back in the middle of the most important season of their career.

2. Colludes with their coach to do so.

3. Talks to the press about his “perfect partner” and their plans for two more Olympics and all the gold medals they want to win, and lets her plan for shows & galas after Worlds when he’s actually already decided to get out.

4. Allows his partner to find out that she’s being dumped from the internet the evening before the World Championships.

5. Potentially ruins the career of someone else who is completely unrelated to whatever was going down between him & his partner.


7. Still doesn’t come clean to his partner after the media have revealed his plans for over a week.

8. Takes a week after telling his partner he’s dumping her to actually file with the federation, hence delaying his partner from being able to move on to anyone else.

(90% of this applies to Victoria as well I am an equal opportunity hater) (And Morozov is the pinnacle of awfulness but that’s a whole other post, maybe even a book.)

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he is in all ways possible the actual worstwould it really have been so hard to be honestyou want out that's finebut let her know and let her sort herself out tooand maybe she would have slapped him round the face and not gone to worldsor maybe she would have sucked it up and been perfect (oh wait that's what she actually did)but you can't just jerk someone around like that because you wanted a world medal this year as well as whatever happens with the new teammake your decisions and own the consequencesice danceis a terrible sport
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gabriella papadakisguillaume cizeronice dancemaybe next season you won't have a federation president that hates youand maybe you won't get level 2 liftsbig dreamsjean believes in you!!

 ↳ “A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?” Pointless, really… “Do the stars gaze back?” Now that’s a question.”

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the best peopleteam franceflorent amodiobrian joubertmae berenice meitevanessa jamesmorgan cipresnathalie pechalatfabian bourzatand none for c/j BYEsochi 2014figure skatinggifset
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elena ilinykhi'm going through my likes trying to find some recipes and there is so much stuff to go past that is breaking my heartI just want you to be ok and the last news clip didn't do anything to convince me that you areit's not fair this is all so unfair


get to know me meme - [2/5] favourite films: The Princess Bride

"Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin. Her favorite pastimes were riding her horse and tormenting the farm boy that worked there. His name was Westley, but she never called him that. - Isn’t that a wonderful beginning?"

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Anna Ovcharova || Worlds 2014, SP [x]

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Olympic Ice Dance Short Dance Kiss & Cry

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qtsice danceis there a cry version to go with thiscrying olympians are my jamsochi 2014

The Little Foxes (1941)

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